Have you taken a wild ride to the Other Half?

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A trip to a local brewery is always exciting. There’s something truly communal about these so often tightly packed rustic tap rooms pulsating with raw appreciation for the art of craft beer. Otherhalf in Brooklyn, New York located on the outskirts of Carrol Gardens personifies this; this brewery is an ode to the glory of the hop. The offers are delectable, their staff is knowledgeable and their patrons are loyal to the series of craft offerings that Otherhalf has manifested. So on behalf of myself (Peter), Darwin and #BTBT friend Justin Pitts or Pittsburgh as we often refer to him, we invite you to join us over the course of the next few paragraphs on a tale of high Hop adventure. We sample, taste and guzzle our way through the best of what one of the finest breweries in New York has to offer and we are happy to share our reactive sensory impulses with you.

Beers with an asterisk indicate that they were not consumed by me or Darwin, Pittsburgh had those. We vigorously consumed all other beers listed below.

The journey opens with me and Pittsburgh; Darwin made an impromptu detour after getting wind of some Grimm Afterimage can availability. The two most pronounced images that immediately draw you in are the tap listings behind the bar and the gazelle head mounted in the center of the wall to the right of the entrance. It’s a striking visual right above the only table in the tap room and a pic can be seen below. Interesting you think, but then it’s back to business and that wonderful chalk listing of delights captures your attention yet again.

Mylar Bags – An imperial (or double) IPA with an ABV of 8.8%.  This was the first beer of the outing for me and just so happens to be one of my Other Half favorites. This one is juicy and delicious and is brewed with Amarillo, Citra, El Dorado, Galaxy, Mosaic, Oats and Wheat.

Pittsburg opts for the Meek Millet*- Saison/Farmhouse ale with an ABV of 6%– mixed fermentation farmhouse with milet raw wheat and buck wheat. Farmhouse ales have historically been brewed in the winter months with the purpose of being consumed in the summer. There was a point in time when this particular style had fallen out of favor with the general public but craft beer is both ever evolving as well as cyclical in nature and Farmhouse ales have subsequently seen something of a revival. These are complex beers but most tend possess some if not all of the following characteristics: Fruit on the nose and tongue, oaky yeast tones, varying degrees of sharpness and lots of spice and with a moderate bitterness. They also tend to be on the dryer side with variable touches of sweetness. They don’t get a whole lot of love from BTBT, but we urge you to give this style a try. Always expand your horizons and never limit yourself.  Pittsburgh had his first farm house saison and was not a big fan of the style.

Soon Darwin strolls in with a wide grin and a backpack full of craft beer cans. He shows us his stash and the proceeds to mingle amongst the fellow craft beer revelers on his way to the bar, just a few feet from where we are standing.  Some of these revelers were the boys from Iron Heart Canning . Shout out to Iron Heart, a mobile canning company responsible for keeping some of the best brews in the North East nice and fresh.

Stacks on Stacks – This DIPA (double IPA) comes in with an ABV of 8.5% and is brewed with Citra, Mosaic and El Dorado hops. It pours a hazy orange yellow. Hints of pine apple and citrus on the nose and tongue, there’s a bit of sweet malt in there as well. This is a balanced and well-rounded DIPA.

Greenprint – A delightful collaboration with RAR Brewing located in Cambridge Maryland. This IIPA recipe has lemon and lime zest plus Motueka, Amarillo and Lemondrop hops which work nicely with the zest and comes in with an ABV of 8.3%. RAR has been brewing since 2013 and is located right off the Chesapeake Bay.  They brew 10 barrels at a time and fun fact about their brewery; it used to be an 80 year old former pool hall & bowling alley.

All Citra Everything – This Double IPA with an ABV of 8.5% brewed with Citra hops. It possesses a hazy yellow/orange color on the pour with a heavy citrus smell. It contains definitive notes of sweet candied orange, pine and floral complexities.  A popular choice amongst the crowd and after the first taste it’s easy to tell why.

Daddy’s Home –Pegged as a Triple IPA with an ABV of 10.6% this one packs a punch, albeit a subtle one as it’s deceptively smooth for its mammoth alcohol content. The brain child of a Other Half and Veil Brewing collaboration was only being served in 4oz. glasses (pics below). Daddy’s Home is very juicy, and not overly sweet. It is intensely hopped with Citra, Galaxy, and Simcoe. There are hints of passion fruit, melon and a bit of dankness on the nose. All 3 of us had this one and no surprises here, me and Darwin loved it but the real shock was that Pittsburgh the non-IPA guy enjoyed it. Get your hands on this and drink it if you can! Veil Brewing located in Scott’s Addition Richmond Virginia opened its doors in 2016. Fun fact about them, the 11,000 square foot facility that they brew out of used to be a Baptist Church. The swank tap room seats about 90 and the bar itself is about 40 feet long. They concoct some terrific offerings and if you’re in the vicinity definitely give them a visit.

Pig Beach* – An American Pale Ale with a modest ABV of 4.3% that is brewed with mosaic and huell melon hops. Pittsburgh enjoyed this one quite thoroughly. A solid and easy to drink in mass consumption fashion APA with some body to it.

Other Half Brewing was founded in 2014 by Samuel Richardson and Matt Monahan and is located at 195 Centre Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231, just about two blocks from the subway.  If you’re a local and you haven’t been, shame on you. If you’re visiting and find yourself in the area, TRY their stuff! It’s good.

Tap Room HOURS

Tuesday - Friday 5–10

Saturday - Noon–10

Sunday - Noon–6

We could have stayed longer had other obligations not ordered us otherwise, but a few things we can report for certain: Otherhalf makes some terrific DIPA’s and we will most certainly be back for more.

Have you been to the brewery? Let us know your thoughts and what your favorite Otherhalf beers are. We want to know what you think.


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6 thoughts on “Have you taken a wild ride to the Other Half?

  1. Didn’t even have to read anything to know that deer was from Other Half! Been there once for my birthday and loved it! Daddys home collab with Veil and Other half sounds amazing! I hope they do that again so I can try it

    1. Man Otherhalf is doing some incredible things, pretty much look forward to every release they are involved in! Cheers

  2. Brooklyn is another one of those places where i often find myself but have never been to a brewery there. Other Half is absolutely on my list of places to visit. Being known for their IPA’s, I’m interested in their Farmhouse Ale, Meek Millet. Great post!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Otherhalf makes incredible beers and are one of the hottest breweries on the east coast. Definitely advise that you visit their brewery. Cheers.

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