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Lithology Brewery

This past Saturday night the #BTBT crew paid our first ever visit to Lithology Brewery at 211 A Main St Farmingdale, NY 11735. We can say without hesitation that it was well worth the ride from Queens. The trip, partially filled with the sounds of Tribe Called Quest’s new album, was slightly extended due to a pit stop at Tom aka Tommy Blue eyes house. The former Queens, NY native now a Long Island transplant is an official BTBT Goon and a pasta fazool aficionado. His place is where (those of us not driving) threw a couple back before hitting the road again. We enjoyed a Wild Style IPA and Higher Burnin’ IPA for good measure. Both beers were just released earlier that day by LIC Beer Project (more on the LIC release later in the article). At this point we were primed and ready for the next chapter of our Craft Beer Odyssey.


Four longtime friends, Kevin Cain, Lee Kaplan, Marc Jackson and Manny Coelho started home brewing in Long Island back in 2007. Their enthusiastic hobby led them to their passion project, Lithology Brewing Company, a micro-brewery located on a bustling strip in the heart of Farmingdale. The Lithology crew prides itself on the fact that their brewing process infuses science with new and traditional brewing techniques. Additionally they are committed to only using the best available ingredients, local and organic whenever possible, to create balanced and drinkable beers. They take a meticulous approach to their craft in order to ‘honor the artisan hop and grain growers, maltsters and yeast propagators’.
20161112_214459It was around 7pm when we strolled in. My first impression was that the place was ergonomically appropriate in a cozy sort of way. The setup is optimized for conversation but still provides little enclaves to get a tad bit of privacy should you desire it. If you just want to have a few at the bar and watch TV, well they got you covered there too. The revelers in the crowd, some seasoned others newbies to Lithology like us, were lively. They were happily engaging with one another and of course pounding brews. We touched on the communal sense that craft beer creates in our previous blog post but beyond that there’s also a sense of pride that it instills within you. There is a certain thrill associated with drinking quality local craft beer. I can tell you that we experience that all the time. From a Queens, NY perspective the scene was baron until 2012, now we’ve got over 10 breweries and counting. Farmingdale doesn’t even have half of that, at least not yet anyway. A brewery in your backyard making quality beer is something to be thankful for and so is their commitment to the community through their contribution to local commerce.
20161112_214454After a quick conversation with the bartenders we were greeted by Manny and Lee who would be our Lithology brew guides for the evening. They were ready to take us on a voyage through the Lithology craft beer landscape and we were receptive enough to be led. These guys were laid back and easy going yet simultaneously emphatic about their passion for the fine art of brewing. They were perfectly poised to both satiate our libation demands and wax poetic on their brewing exploits and we were more than happy to oblige. These are our kind of brewers! They set us up with a table right next to the bar out in front and we grabbed the customary ‘pre-podcast’ beer prior to set up. Their Gold Coast IPA delivered an aromatic flavor that gave a Long Island vibe to the classic West Coast style. This was smooth and quite enjoyable and we went back for seconds after the podcast was done. Once we were fully set up the samples started flowing and conversation got rolling. We had a blast covering a variety of topics, most importantly of course the beer. We know you’ll enjoy our podcast feature on Lithology debuting next week, along with more pics! I would be remiss if I did not request a moment of silence for a half-way filled reserve bottle mistakenly annihilated by Darwin during the equipment breakdown process. You were good while you lasted and you will be missed……..


In case you were wondering, Lee and Kevin have environmental science and geological backgrounds which subsequently led to the naming of the brewery. Lithology, a geological term, is the study of the physical characteristics of rock and sediment. The Lithology Brewing name pays homage to the sediments and rocks that filter the unique and delicious water of New York. Cue the old NBC ‘The More You Know’ theme.
Lithology represents Farmingdale and the whole of Long Island quite well with their diverse and palate pleasing offerings. If you haven’t had the chance to experience Lithology go visit them and drink until you succumb to merry whimsy. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.
20161112_201808_1479060490211We cover each beer fairly extensively in the podcast but here is an overview of just a few brews that really stood out:

Lithology Brown Ale ABV 4.9% IBU29.3
Lithology’s Silver medal winner at the 2016 New York International Craft Beer Competition is homage to the traditional English style. Chocolate, Marris Otter and Victory malts combined with three hop additions blend well to create a balanced and tasty brew.

Lafayette Farmhouse ABV 6% IBU 22.2
This Farmhouse Ale is named after Gilbert du Motier - better known as the Marquis de Lafayette, the Frenchman who enlisted in the American Revolution War and went on to become one of George Washington's closest allies. Lithology touts this beer to be ‘a celebration of the two countries and blends characteristics of a traditional French Saison with sweetness of the American fall harvest’. I’m slowly converting towards the Farmhouse Style, and this particular brew is nudging me further. This is a quality entry and worthy of strong consideration.

Designated Hitter 5.4% ABV IBU 48.5
A Citra dry hopped American Pale Ale based on their flagship. Citrus on the nose and tongue along with a significant malt finish.

The White ABV 4.9% IBU 27.3
This is a Belgian style Witbier with hints of citrus tartness. The White is brewed with dried whole chamomile, orange zest and Belgian yeast.

20161112_201838_1479060489039That same day LIC Beer Project had a can release where they debuted Wild Style IPA, Higher Burnin’ IPA and Dutch Kills Kolsch Ale. Darwin was able to secure a few cans of the IPA’s. Wild Style a heavy DIPA with an ABV of 9% and Higher Burnin’ A double dry-hopped IPA featuring Amarillo, Azacca and Belma hops . These were both solid offerings from a top local brewery, but we are still clamoring for Pile of Crowns and Party Crasher! (insert multiple heart emojis).
img-20161113-wa0037Lithology Brewery 211 A Main St Farmingdale, NY 11735
Tasting Room Hours:

Wednesday – Friday 5pm - 10pm
Saturday 1pm - 10pm
Sunday 1pm - 6pm

Specials: $2 off Growler Fills Every Wednesday

img-20161113-wa0040Next week we will release our Podcast feature on Lithology! We break down the best Lithology has to offer with Manny and Lee and have a kick ass time doing so. Don’t miss this great episode filled with beer knowledge, laughs and good times! Stay tuned this week for part 2 of our two part feature Podcast on the #GreatBeerExpo which includes a series of great interviews with:
Ryan Niebuhr Northeast Sales Manager from Anderson Valley Brewing Company
Greg Martin owner of Long Ireland Beer Company
Jim Richards from Blue Point Brewing Company
Scott Plfug Marketing Director Starfish Junction Productions
20161112_213846Let us know in the comments if you’ve been to Lithology or if you’ve had any of their beers!
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