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With Thanksgiving upon us, and a couple of beers in me while I type, I can’t help but feel a bit euphoric. Thanksgiving is the premier staple event in the Team Spanos household and has been for as far back as I can remember. Despite its less than savory historical origin which cannot be ignored but largely is, the holiday has emerged as a definitive tradition in American life. It has morphed into the opportunity to give thanks for all the good things and to eat copious amounts of food to the point of true American button popping excess. It’s the only time of year that my entire, albeit small - we aren’t a large group, family get together and drink bottle after bottle after bottle from my dad’s wine cellar and opine on all things life has to offer past, present and future. It’s been the scene of delirious delight as well as shocking fiasco; it’s become synonymous with love, laughter and a few tears and has forever impacted the lives of all of us who’ve experienced it. Even amongst the chaotic times, and there’s been a few, there’s been a calming serenity that transcends the event itself. For a brief period we are fully united, with all of our flaws, and short comings, our hopes and dreams laid bare for consumption, we stand together. Additionally this will be my youngest son Matthew’s first ever Thanksgiving. Last year at this time his birth was announced via sweaters worn by my older sons with the words ‘I’m going to be a big brother’ emblazoned on them. So many countless good times has this holiday produced that I can only hope to carry this time honored tradition forward for the next generation and if I’m fortunate enough for the one there after it. I don’t typically dole out life advice but I’ll leave you with this, appreciate even the small moments because who knows how many of those we have left.
We’ve got lots of exciting news this week so please check it out!


We are excited to announce that we are finally up on ITUNES! It’s long overdue but hey, better late than never! Be sure to look for us on Itunes and subscribe to our RSS Feed! You can also check out our podcast episodes on Podbean and of course on our website.

Friends and Affiliates Page

We’ve just released a new Friends and Affiliates page to help promote all of our fellow craft beer enthusiasts. This includes breweries, bloggers and anyone else who genuinely has a passion for craft beer and is actively seeking to contribute to and/or promote the craft beer scene. The page will be ever-evolving and will continue to grow. Message us at if you are interested in acquiring details on how to get listed on this page.

Beer Today Beer Tomorrow at Big Alice

On Wednesday November 30th from 5-9pm we will be onsite at Big Alice Brewing located at 808 43rd Road, Long Island City, NY 11101. Big Alice is actively raising funds for Zero Cancer and their efforts culminate at the Beard & Moustache Contest. There will be FREE shaves and trims from Otis & Finn barbershop (first come, first serve). BTBT is proud to be a part of this event and supporting such a great initiative.

For those who may not know, Big Alice is nano-brewery that produces very small batches of creative and diverse craft beer. They’re also a New York State Farm Brewery, which means their beers are made from locally grown farm ingredients such as locally-sourced hops and malts. To make a contribution to this great cause visit the website below:
Big Alice Brewing - 808 43rd Road, Long Island City, NY 11101 (347) 688-BEER or (347) 688-2337

Wednesday 5 pm to 9 pm
Thursday 5 pm to 9 pm
Friday 5 pm to 10 pm
Saturday 12 noon to 10 pm
Sunday 12 noon to 8 pm

Don’t forget to check out our latest Feature Podcast, Episode 10 – Lithology Brewing Company. We sit down with 2 of the 4 owners, Manny and Lee to drink some beers, talk on everything from sports to the election and of course CRAFT BEER!

Let us know in the comments if you’ll be attending the Big Alice event or if you’ve had any of their beers!
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That’s it for this week’s blog; we would like to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and a great weekend! Live, love, enjoy and pass on a good deed. Most importantly to paraphrase Dr. Seuss don’t be sad that its over be glad that it happened.



Beer Today Beer Tomorrow

Beer Today Beer Tomorrow

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Beer Today Beer Tomorrow

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