Big Alice Brewery and the Beard and Moustache Contest

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Often we find ourselves caught up in the daily grind and even the best of us lose sight of the fact that compassion is the corner stone that our values are based in. Collectively we need to make time to stop and meditate on the importance of giving back; whether it’s to a family member or friend, a stranger or a charity, the selfless act of giving even a little can greatly impact the lives of others. The gang over at Big Alice is well aware of this and for the entire month of November they were raising funds for, a charity that actively supports the advancement of the fight against colorectal cancer. The fundraiser culminated with Big Alice Brewery’s Beard and Moustache contest, put on in conjunction with LIC’s own Otis and Finn Barbershop.  BTBT gladly and proudly participated in this event aimed to cap off the goal of raising $2,500.


This event was especially near and dear to Big Alice Brewer Jon Kietly whose grandfather is a colorectal cancer survivor. On the final night of the drive at Big Alice Brewing located at 808 43rd Road Long Island City, NY both he and Co-Founder and Brewer Kyle Hurst would be shaving off their facial hair for the cause. Kyle, a friend of the show who appeared in our first episode ever, as well as on the Beer Expo show a few weeks back would be shaving off his Hulk Hogan-esque handle bar moustache right there in the brewery. Kyle-omania was indeed running wild. Jon took it a step further as he would be shaving off his entire beard which he’d been growing for over 5 years! As a man who enjoys a fine beard, I know this took some serious contemplation and deep introspection. Despite the nobility of their actions there was never a guarantee they’d achieve their charitable goals. In fact they started a rainy dreary Wednesday almost 900 dollars off the mark and the seed of doubt had quietly sprouted in their minds. In response, the craft beer community, as it does time and time again, gathered together in a big way. BTBT, Rockaway Brewery, Wartega Brewery, Andrew Coury co-director of the upcoming documentary NYC Craft beer boom and craft scene regular and self-professed indie craft beer nerd Anne Reilly were amongst the revelers who showed up to not only drink but to make sure Big Alice made their intended mark. In fact with the help of everyone who contributed all month long and all those in attendance that night, Big Alice surpassed their goal by a few hundred dollars! Cheers to all those who donated!

All in all the night was a positive experience filled with good people and good beer. Check out our podcast feature on this great event which debuts this week. It includes interviews from Big Alice and Otis and Finn Barbershop.

Big Alice Brewing is a New York State Farm brewery that specializes in small batches of uniquely flavored beer incorporating locally sourced ingredients that at times may surprise you. Brews such as Sour One with Kiwi Cask 3.8% ABV, Sweet Potato Farmhouse Ale 6.2% ABV a Farmhouse style ale brewed with sweet potatoes, Jalapeño Rye 6.2% ABV a malt forward black IPA with fresh jalapeno aroma and their Peach Gose 5% ABV to name a few, are examples of their craft beer explorations. The Big Alice philosophy is as such, ‘good craft beer is meant to be enjoyed rather than consumed, savoring and appreciating what makes it special. Some are malty, some are hoppy. Some simple and smooth. Some very complex. Any beer can possess a unique combination of all of these qualities. It’s the possibility that each beer brings that we’re passionate about.’
Fun fact - the brewery name originates from Big Allis, (formally known as Ravenswood No. 3), a giant electric power generator fueled by natural gas located on 36th Avenue and Vernon Boulevard in Long Island City. Originally commissioned by ConEd, The Allis-Chalmers Corporation built the world’s first million-kilowatt unit in 1965. The generator is powerful enough to serve 3,000,000 people.
The Big Alice fundraiser may be over but you can still donate!

Zero Cancer is on a mission to end prostate cancer. For the past twenty years they’ve been focused on advancing research, encouraging action, and providing education and support to men and their families. Their vision is Generation ZERO – the first generation of men free from prostate cancer. Help support their efforts and donate to end prostate cancer through a secure and confidential tax-deductible donation. Contact Kathy Costigan at (202) 303-3102 or

Mailed donations can be sent to:

ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer

515 King Street, Suite 420

Alexandria, VA 22314

If you can afford to do so, we urge you to donate to Zero Cancer or any other charity of your choosing. If you can’t donate money, perhaps you can donate your time or give back in some other way. Why stop there? positivity is infectious, do a good deed and help those in need!


Big Alice
Tap Room hours:

Wednesday    5 pm to 9 pm

Thursday       5 pm to 9 pm

Friday            5 pm to 10 pm

Saturday       12 noon to 10 pm

Sunday         12 noon to 8 pm

Big Alice Brewing is located at 808 43rd Road Long Island City, NY 11101 (347) 688-BEER or (347) 688-2337

If you have yet to do so check out Big Alice, and if you’ve already been there then go back to say hi and to have a few! Our Big Alice feature podcast episode drops this week! Stay tuned craft beer friends.

Let us know in the comments if you’re a fan of Big Alice’s brews! Let us know if there’s a specific brewery that you’d like us to do a feature on!

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