A Tasting at Greenport Harbor Brewery

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Recently my wife Rachael and I along with our nephew Kevin visited my parents in the quaint little town of Southold near the eastern tip of Long Island. Time spent with family in Southold is synonymous with my mother’s home cooking, copious wine indulgence and a twist of crazy. The wonderful wines that my father lavishes upon us are truly world class and it’s a delight to consume them with him. His wit, worldly charm and sensitive nature matched with my mother’s mischievous and cantankerous barbs makes for some pretty humorous and nostalgic exchanges. Suffice to say it’s just nice to spend some time with family as the moments are always memorable when we are all together. However, every so often, despite the abundance of my father’s wine cellar, I do find time to pry myself away and sneak off to grab some local craft brews. On this occasion the destination of choice was Greenport Harbor Brewery. We left the kiddos with my parents and our brand new and much needed high chair (not sure how we made it this far with baby number 3 with out it) and off we were to sample the best Greenport had to offer.


Greenport Harbor Brewery founders John Liegey and Rich Vandenburgh met in college where they first charted the course for their own craft beer odyssey. Consumed by their passion and motivated by their self-belief, a shared dream became reality in 2009 when they converted an old firehouse into a brewery. 234 Carpenter St. in Greenport NY was their original home and their initial focus was on small-batch drafts. Not too long after their grand opening, operations took off and expansion loomed. As the logic goes if you make good beer they will come and so in 2014 they opened up a second more grandiose location at 42155 Main Road in Peconic. BTBT is really glad they did; it’s just a stone’s throw (in comparative Suffolk County travel time) from Southold, and it serves as the perfect mini –getaway from our mini getaway. We stepped in around 5 and the place was lively with an effervescent crowd. The drinks were flowing the staff was inviting and we were all ready to get down to some serious drinking business.


Rachael chose the Greenport flagship –Harbor Ale – 5.3% ABV
This easy to drink American-style pale ale is brewed with 30% wheat malt and contains a charming blend of Warrior, Glacier, and Cascade hops. Pours a light golden color; sweet fruity aroma with hints of citrus, honey, floral and pine on the nose. Similar tastes on the tongue along with a mild zesty hoppyness.

Kevin’s first beer of choice was the Black Duck Porter– 4.7% ABV
This malty black ale possesses a mild hop character that balances strong notes of cocoa with hints of coffee. Dark brownish/black on the pour. Dark fruits, earthy notes, roasted malts, piney hops and herbs on the nose. More of the same on the tongue with a hint of rum-like sweetness and a nice dry finish; this is a very enjoyable full bodied session style porter.


I started with a flight of Greenport Goodness and was happily introduced to the OG Series.
"O G" or "Original Greenport" is a series of beers made at the Original Greenport brewery on Carpenter street. You can find these beers in monthly limited kegs and small bottle releases.

The series is overseen by lead brewer Patrick Alfred, a longtime home brewer who previously worked at Barrier Brewing Company in Oceanside. He aims to craft exciting and experimental beers for O G, some of which are aged in wooden barrels that previously held wine or bourbon. He also plans to incorporate the character of the East End into his recipes by using local ingredients like coffee, hops and fruit (Edible East end).

OG Series - Nelson + Chill IPL OG – 6.5% New England Style India Pale Lager. Brewed with Nelson Sauvin AND Hallertau Blanc hop varietals; Herbal, zesty and piney all I can say is more please!

OG Series - Anchored Spirals - 8.8% ABV – A Belgian style dark ale that is conditioned with toasted oak spirals.

Anti-Freeze - 6.9% ABV – A nod to English old ales, this malty ale has notes of toffee, bread and fig and pours a reddish amber; quite appropriate for the cold weather.

Tidal – 4.7% ABV – Bit of a copper hue on the pour; A light and refreshing toasted malt Vienna style lager equipped with a slight hint of nuttiness matched with a mild hoppyness.

I also had a Black Duck Porter which I covered a few sentences ago….

Kevin’s next beer was the OG Series - Caffeine Freak OG – 9.5% Imperial Stout A big, bold stout with a warming, bittersweet finish. Malt, dark cocoa and definitive notes of coffee (it’s brewed with Espresso and Sumatran beans from Aldo’s Coffee Company) on the nose and tongue; one of the best from the OG Series. Stout lovers beware this one will having you clamoring for more!

After the flight I just had to have a little more so I ordered an Otherside IPA – 7.5% ABV
The blend of North American pale, light Munich, light crystal, and carapils malts produces a light malty backbone that rather nicely balances healthy kettle and dry hops additions to those wonderful Cascade, Centennial, and Columbus hops. This beer won the Brooklyn Mystery IPA Challenge and it’s easy to see why. Cloudy Golden amber on the pour; hints of grapefruit, tangerine, lemon zest, orange peel, citrus rind and pine on the nose. Similar on the tongue, along with some light malty notes; this one finishes with a gentle earthy bitterness. This is a nicely balanced IPA.


Greenport distributes beer to more than 200 places but if you want to stop by and pay the crew a visit check out one (or both!) of their locations:

234 Carpenter Street, Greenport NY
Friday & Saturday: 12PM-7PM
Sunday: 12PM-6PM
Monday-Thursday: CLOSED
- PHONE - (631) 477-1100

42155 Main Road, Peconic NY
Monday- Thursday: 2PM-7PM
Friday & Saturday: 12PM-9PM
Sunday: 12PM-7PM
- PHONE - (631) 477-1100

Thanks for reading our post, it is greatly appreciated! Don’t forget, this Saturday January 7th the BTBT crew will be at Interboro Spirits and Ales for our next podcast episode. We can’t wait to kick it with the Interboro Crew.
Let us know in the comments if you would like us to review a particular beer or brewery? Tell us about your favorite beers!

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8 thoughts on “A Tasting at Greenport Harbor Brewery

  1. Seems like there are Columbus hops in a lot of IPAs but they are never the featured hop. I wonder what makes it such a good complementary hop?

    1. That’s a great question, I think it boils down to palate preference but Columbus Hops are not only relatively easy to harvest, they are also considered dual purpose in that they give you a nice amount of bitterness but also produce a robust aroma. Its a popular hop, especially in what is considered ‘American Style’ Ales. Cheers.

    1. I’m a fan of Green Point, they are doing some pretty cool things at their brewery…and yes craft beer and family is ALWAYS a good time! Cheers

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