The Queens Beer Week Warm Up Event

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BTBT recently co-hosted The Queens Beer Week Warm up event at the Pony Bar in NYC. This was the preamble to the upcoming 4th annual Queens Beer Week, an event that celebrates one of the boroughs finest exports, beer. Our love for Queens is unabashed and well documented; our Queens Beer resume speaks for itself. We’ve drank our way through practically every tap room, can release and bottle share that the borough has to offer (a few home brew events too!).

As I pause to digress and contemplate what was, what is and what may become I would be remiss if I did not look back to the time when the concept of Beer Today Beer Tomorrow first came to me. Several beers deep I envisioned the framework for the future and jotted it down on a pad. The ideas pouring out of me at a feverish pace my hand could barely keep pace. I wasn’t reinventing the wheel but it was a little piece of me, a seed of inspiration upon which a new found motivation was built. With my wife by my side co-signing this new adventure, I brought it to the crew and the concept clicked. I knew we’d get to this current point in time and it feels good to be here. We’ve accomplished quite a bit over the past year through grit, determination and sacrifice but to paraphrase Robert Frost, we’ve got miles to go before we sleep and miles to go before we sleep.

It’s a phrase I adhere too and have utilized more than once because those words ring so true for me. There is always work to be done, always more to achieve; yet here we stand at the precipice of Queens Beer Week functioning as the premier craft beer media event coverage and a childlike grin forms across my face from ear to ear.  BTBT has far reaching aspirations and ruminations extending well above and beyond the present but for now our focus is squarely and lovingly on promoting the borough we call home and we are doing it just as how we envisioned.

On a breezy Tuesday evening on the Upper East Side we found ourselves in one of the few true craft beer bars in NYC. A conceptual ode to the Americana of yester year, the Pony exclusively features American Craft Beer. On this particular evening its 20 taps were thoroughly dominated by Queens Beers (and cider!). A nice crowd had gathered, we even made friends with some nice folks from Germany on vacation seated at the table next to us.

We put on in my estimation a pretty solid show which we sincerely hope that you will enjoy. BTBT Episode 19 – The Queens Beer Week Warm Up event includes exclusive interviews from LICBEER Project, Transmitter, Single Cut Beer Smiths and Dan McLaughlin owner of the Pony Bar. There was a good vibe amongst the crowd and special guests a like and all we can say is we are ready for Queens Beer Week 2017 and all it entails.



Favorite Beers of the Night

There was a lot of quality beers on tap so I tried my hardest to narrow it down to the best of the beers that I had for the first time:

Finback BQE Aged in Bourbon Barrels -  Imperial Stout 10% ABV - brewed with cacao nubs, coffee aged in bourbon barrels. Rich, smooth, dark, notes of chocolate  and coffee, finished with dried cherry and fruit. Served as a 5 oz pour

LIC Beer Project Hollows - Double IPA 8.5% ABV - An imperial IPA Double Dry-Hopped with Mosaic, Motueka, and El Dorado - Served as an 8 oz pour.

Single Cut Tell Shaky and Box Car Joe - IPA 9% ABV, Double Dry Hopped, drinks nice and smooth for the abv! Contains a unique combination of new varietal PNW hops. Drank this one from a 16 oz can.

BTBT Updates

Check Out BTBT Episode 18 - The Spring Craft Beer Festival pt 2

Event Scheduling Notices

This year’s Queens Beer Week will be epic and BTBT will be your go to media outlet for all Queens’ craft beer coverage! Get your tickets NOW! There's only a limited number of tickets available for the opener! 


Details around the BTBT contest will be included in the next newsletter. We can tell you that it will include Beer and Merchandise Giveaway!

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