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Recently I spent some time with Carlos Hurtado, CEO & Founder of the Social Brewing Company (and also an Emmy Nominated Re-Recording Mixer). Carlos, originally from Chicago Illinois and currently a Miami Florida native, is creating a company that is dedicated towards improving the general conditions of the needy in society.

How did you come up with the concept behind Social Brewing?
As I made my way out of a bar one night I saw a destitute on the street in the worst condition conceivable. His clothes were torn, dirty and certainly insufficient to provide even the barest of comfort. Quite frankly, the deplorability of his condition was severe and his state of health was bad. Staring back at the bar it dawned on me; the revenue accrued from beer sales could be channeled towards alleviating the suffering and hardship of the underprivileged among us. Beer can be an instrument of social change!

That’s pretty deep; clearly you were moved to take action. Why?
We are a pioneer brewing company with an unwavering commitment towards improving the general conditions of the needy in our society. Undeniably, the mission of the Social Brewing Company is not an easy one and we do face distinctive challenges and demands. However, we have adopted a firm posture and an unshakable resolve towards creating quality beer that unites us in love and togetherness. At the Social Brewing Company, we believe in putting others first. We also believe that beer taste better, together.

What does the infusion of craft beer and community mean to you?
We use beer as an instrument to create a common ground and strengthen connections while inspiring people towards the attainment of a better society. Our company culture is not just a statement but an expression of our belief in creating a beer tradition that promotes love and togetherness.

What has early feedback from the community been like?
The concept is being received very well. Our only issue has been capital. Small business loans are extremely hard to come by these days.

How exactly do you intend to give back to those in need?
Partnering with charities, getting involved with food drives and raising donations are some of the ways we hope to spread the love.

What will your first beer be and when can people drink it?
We currently have a Blonde Ale in the works that we are excited about. We plan to have distribution in place by 1Q of 2018. During our early stages we will be partnering with an existing brewery to assist with manufacturing our beer (whom I am not allowed to divulge at this time).

When can we expect a top room?
There are no immediate plans for a tap room.

How did you first get into the beer scene?
It all started with home brewing. My dad and I bought a few kits and fell in love. There is something so special about crafting your beer and watching someone enjoy it.

What are your favorite styles of beer?
I love them all! Irish Red, Blonde Ale and IPA’s stand out.

What’s the best beer you’ve had in recent memory?
Delirium Nocturnum.

Carlos is currently trying to raise $15,000 through Kickstarter in order to fulfill his dream of giving back to the community through beer. Time will tell if his endeavor will reach the heights he envisions but it is moving to see how dedicated he is to helping those in need through craft beer.

Find out more about The Social Brewing Company check out his Kickstarter page.


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