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As part of our ongoing series featuring entrepreneurs in the craft beer scene, I caught up with Jake Hendrix, owner of the Hendrix Keg Company out in Golden, Colorado. Jake and his brother Rob love fresh beer and they want us to be able to keep our beer fresh for as long as possible.

Where did the inspiration come from the Hendrix keg?
The idea came while living and working on our family farm in Dodge City, KS. We’re into home brewing and we wanted a way to keep fresh beer longer. Back then there weren’t any local breweries in our area so we’d rely on our friends and family to bring us beer from out of town. The problem was that the beer would go flat pretty quickly. We needed to get around stale beer so we literally built a keg prototype out of sheet metal in the shop. We knew we were on to something so we kept pursuing the idea in our spare time.

What have been the biggest obstacles in seeing the keg come to life?
Well where do I start? This has been a very challenging project, it seems simple but when you actually try and make a miniature keg that lives up to expectations, it’s anything but. It requires a ton of time, energy and effort. Even something like getting everyone on the same page to agree on creative design decisions is tough!

Why should people choose the Hendrix Keg?
Beer sucked for a long time, now it’s great and there’s a lot available. I think we are adding to that greatness and availability by giving people better beer storage options. In using the keg you are supporting your local craft beer scene instead of some corporate beer giant. I think we are helping build the world we want to live in.

How long will beer remain fresh in the keg?
The keg works like a growler using an adjustable CO2 regulator and it’s modeled off a draft keg system, so in theory it should be able to preserve your beer for a very long time. However, since most beer is designed to be consumed fresh you don't really want wait too long. We recommend consuming it all in about 2 weeks, we have tried to store it longer but it was just too irresistible to have a keg full of beer in the fridge for that long!

How heavy is a fully filled keg?
It contains 64oz same as a growler and it weighs 8 lbs give or take an oz or two.

How many different options are available?
Currently we have 3 options that we are releasing:
• $169 for a standard HK
• $184 for a HK with stainless steel tap and hardware
• $199 for a HK with a copper plated keg and brass tap and hardware

Tell me about your Kickstarter campaign
The campaign launched this week! There will be 10 reward options including two early bird specials which will be the lowest prices ever on the keg. All Kickstarter rewards will come in below the retail price of the keg.

Anything else our audience should know?
Thank you to Beer Today Beer Tomorrow for being interested and taking the time to contact us. We really appreciate the support.

We set out with the goal to build an innovative and affordable keg for all the beer lovers out there. We’ve worked very hard on this concept and now here we are on Kickstarter, so check it out and get a Hendrix Keg!

Robert graduated from Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS and Jake graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. Jake and Rob have been involved in small business management and entrepreneurship for over ten years. During that time they gained valuable mechanical, engineering, and problem solving skills by maintaining and repairing everything from motors to large agricultural machinery on the family farm. In their down time they are avid craft beer fans, with brown ales being their preferred style of choice.

You can visit the Hendrix Keg KickStarter page here. 

Let us know what you think about the Hendrix Keg in the Comment Section Below!

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