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We present our top 5 most downloaded Podcast Episodes to date and we kick things off  with:

5) Episode 14 - NJ Beer Expo pt 1

The 7th annual Great Beer Expo at the Meadowlands Exposition Center was rated as one of the Best NJ events to attend in 2017 by, The event showcased a plethora of beer to titillate the taste buds. BTBT covered the event from top to bottom with two podcast episodes loaded with exclusive interviews and craft beer consumption (spoiler alert NJ Beer Expo part two appears later in this list).

FUN FACT: This was the first ever BTBT episode featuring an all craft beer female guest line up! Power to the ladies!

The following guests appear:

Kathy Abate - Owner/Assistant Brewer, Director of Sales/Marketing at Devils Creek Brewery

Danielle DePalma who handles North New Jersey sales for Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company 

We close out the show with freelance beer journalist Tara Nurin. Tara runs Beer for Babes New Jersey’s first craft-beer appreciation and education group for women and the official NJ Chapter of Barley’s Angels the international umbrella organization for women in beer groups. She is also the Beer and Experience contributor for

4) Episode 23 - SingleCut BeerSmiths

The episode featuring one of Queens Finest just narrowly missed out on the 3rd spot. In this show we sit down with  Dan Bronson general manager of one of our favorite breweries. Dan is a cool dude and a very sharp beer guy, check out the episode to hear the real action Bronson drop some craft beer knowledge!

FUN FACT: This is the most downloaded show of the past 3 months!

3) Episode 1 - The Hopster Home Brew Festival pt 1

Our first ever Episode from just over a year ago is the one that started it all. My oh my how time flies, check out our coverage of the Hopster Home Brew Festival where we critique a group of home brewers and come across some surprising gems!

2) Episode 15 - NJ Beer Expo Part 2

This one is not for the faint of heart. The show features excessive craft beer consumption plus Dan Oriente co-owner of Brotherton Brewing Company and one of our favorite all time guests  Gary Rosen from Shore Point Distributing  oh and did I mention excessive craft beer consumption?

Cue the drum roll.................... The number 1 most downloaded episode is:

1) Episode 13 - InterboroNYC

In this episode we sit down with Interboro Co-Owner and Head Brewer Jesse Ferguson for some great craft beer and conversation. Interboro is another one of our favorite breweries and a source of frequent trips for the BTBT  team. With Interboro rapidly approaching their 1st anniversary what better way to celebrate then by clicking play on Episode 13!

Well there you have it! This is the current Top 5 Episode list! What do you think? Do you see any of your favorite episodes? Let us know which shows you like that didn't make the top 5, let us know which shows you didn't like, or just send us a note to shoot the shit for a bit. We don't care, we just want to hear from you!

 BTBT What’s Going Down

Today August 24th we will be at Bridge and Tunnel Brewery  in Ridgewood, NY – for a closed private sit down with owner and proprietor Rich Castagna We are so glad to bring Bridge and Tunnel back on the show – they are the hardest working brewery in Queens, NY!

 Upcoming Events

Transmitter Brewing in LIC – Thursday August 31st – The Transmitter team invites BTBT to their tap room for the first time (it’s their second appearance on the podcast!)

Homebrew Home Grenades  in Baldwin, NY  on September 2nd - Stay tuned for our trip to one of the best home brew shops in Long Island!

Coney Island Brewery  this one is a long time coming but BTBT and Coney Island will be coming together Friday September 8th ahead of their Freak Week and Super Freak Beer Release!

Craft Culture in Ridgewood, NY on Wednesday Sep 13th  - One of the best Queens, NY bar and bottle shop is hosting a BTBT extravaganza

The Brew Hop 5K at Randall's Island Park, NYC on 10.21.17 – We will be onsite rain or shine! More details (plus a blog post) to come

More Show Dates are on the way! Stay Tuned!


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