Strong Rope Brewery

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Strong Rope Brewery

The BTBT goons were hanging with Jason Sahler, owner and head brewer of Strong Rope Brewery where the focus is on American and British beer styles.

At Strong Rope Brewery you can expect handcrafted local and organic ales featuring seasonal offerings brewed with the freshest vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. Holding a New York State farm brewery license allows Jason to showcase New York State farmers and maltsters. His dedication to locality is no marketing gimmick, he prides himself on using 100% New York hops and over 90% New York malts.

Jason can trace the origins of his passion to a high school exchange trip to Scotland in 1996. It was there where he was first introduced to the marvelous wonders of Scottish ales and bitters. A few years later around 2001 he purchased an amber and pale ale beer kit from the Rochester, New York Beers Of The World store and at that moment his craft beer fate was sealed.

After years of home brewing a significant break through came with his victory at the 2011 Brooklyn Wort home-brew competition. The validation stemming from the recognition he received for his prized brown ale galvanized Jason to take his passion from dream to reality.

After a 4 year location search filled with all the trials and tribulations and sleepless nights associated with opening, owning and operating your own business he finally launched Strong Rope in 2015.

Strong Rope Brewery is located at 574 President St, Brooklyn NY 11215 a space formerly occupied by the old Brooklyn Brine pickle factory.

Strong Rope Brewery

What’s in a name?

The name Strong Rope is an homage to Jason’s good friend Eric Ropiteau. Eric, or Rope as he was nicknamed, tragically passed away but serves as a continuous and ongoing inspiration for Jason. Eric, his memory and legacy lives on through Strong Rope Brewery.

The name also ties into Jason’s belief that sustainability transcends across social, environmental, economic and cultural drivers. As he succinctly puts it for his brewery it’s all about People, Planet,  Profit and the Pint. Jason believes that a strong community, a strong earth, a strong business, and a strong understanding of the culture you are entering are interconnected and equally paramount.

Strong Rope Brewery

The History in The Logo

In the logo there’s a little carrot in the middle of the design right above the tag line "Living Ales".  That "carrot" is actually an ancient Sumerian cuneiform, (the wedge-shaped characters used in ancient writing systems) for beer. It’s Jason’s tribute to brewing history and all those trail blazing brewers that have come before. It also ties into Living Ales in that beer and brewing culture is an evolving art form with a robust and fruitful history.

Strong Rope Brewery


2017 New York State Craft Beer Competition
Amber/Red Ale (British, American, Irish, Scottish): Silver: Devil’s Bathtub

Imperial Stout and Porter: Bronze: Storyteller

2016 Crooked Creek Hop Off
Honorable Mention

Strong Rope Brewery

For much more about Strong Rope Brewery and their delicious beer Check out the latest podcast Episode.

Have you been to Strong Rope, if so which beers are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.



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