BTBT Episode 48 – Beers and a Movie

BTBT – Beers and a Movie 

Yes indeed beers and a movie! First of all we are hyped to bring you this weeks show! It features a review of two Interboro Spirtis and Ales beers, Ill plus Matic and the collaboration with LA based Mumford Brewing – Madder Fatter Method. We talk movies this week, specifically a movie and that is Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales!

We also announce the Winner of this months BTBT Beer and Glass Giveaway!

The episode wraps with an overview of the continuation of our craft beer odyssey. You’re not going to want to miss that and you’re definitely not going to want to miss this weeks show.

Let us know what you think about the beers and a movie concept as we might work this into a monthly rotation. Tell us if theres a specific movie or beer (or beers plural for that matter) that you’d like us to review – we want to know! Who knows your choices may just be featured in a future episode.

If you’re on the go, hopefully you’re on your way to a beer, otherwise Sit back, relax, grab a brew and enjoy. Cheers

Beers and a Movie

Beers and a Movie


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